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Why I Have Dedicated My Life to Helping Dogs Thrive

As is the case with many dog professionals, I have grown up around dogs in my extended and immediate family. As a young child, I would typically head straight to the dogs at family gatherings! My passion for dog behaviour was first sparked at the age of 6, when we brought home Sandy, an 11-month-old Norfolk Terrier cross Poodle, from Cheltenham Animal Shelter.

At the age of 8, thanks to Sandy and animal rescue programmes, I decided I wanted to work with dog behaviour and never looked back. Sandy was both a support system and a friend, which is one reason I decided to specialise in helping families with their dogs.


I know how important dogs can be for children's development, confidence and mental health. I also understand how difficult it can be to manage a child-dog household without the right support. I am always delighted to work with a family so that I can help guide parents, children, and their dogs to work as a team, forming safe, happy relationships in the process.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better."
- Mary Angelou

I currently have the pleasure of owning Jasmine, a Cavapoochon, who I welcomed into my home at 10-weeks of age. She has allowed me to put my professional experience and learned theory into  practice by training a puppy directly within a home environment. That means I have been exactly where you are and know all about the struggles and the highlights of puppy ownership. We've even worked through that tricky adolescent phase together. I will share these challenges with you during sessions and show you how you can overcome them too.

Jasmine has taught me a great deal about dogs, their behaviour, and how one method certainly does not fit every situation. A "one size fits all" approach often does more harm than good, so I approach each client and their dog as the unique individuals they truly are. Jasmine brings me an unbelievable amount of joy daily, and I am passionate about helping my clients develop a bond as unique as the one I enjoy with this very special dog.


Natasha Noori

BA (Hons), CDT-DTC

I am a highly accredited, experienced force-free Canine Behaviour and Welfare Specialist with a particular interest in child-dog interactions (including helping children with a fear of dogs), puppy development, recall trainingloose lead walking, and rescue dogs. 

I use reward-based training methods that are scientifically proven to help a dog form a secure attachment to their caregivers, increases the frequency of desired behaviours, and helps to strengthen the owner-dog bond.


It isn't just about food though - my ethos is harnessing the power of play to achieve a high standard of long-term results.


I firmly believe that training should never feel like a chore, it should be a fun activity you do with your dog because you want to, not simply because you have to.

I am a...

- Kids Around Dogs Approved Trainer

- Certified Dog Trainer


- Puppy Training Specialist

- Canine Body Language Instructor

You can see all my Associations and Credentials here.


as heard on Greatest Hits Radio Gloucestershire

Read the article here

I have a wide range of experience spanning 7 years, from 4 years of voluntary dog walking and sitting as a teenager, to my full-time position at Cheltenham Animal Shelter as an Animal Care Assistant, working in the rehoming kennels. During my time there, I assisted in the on-site Veterinary Clinic, Grooming Parlour, Boarding Kennels and Rehoming Centre. Over the Covid-19 pandemic, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing free advice for hundreds of owners online to help them enjoy the best relationship possible with their beloved dog.

"Set them up for success, not distress"

I am always open to discuss the methods I use, empowering you with information to not just follow my guidance short-term, but to use as a lifelong skill.


Through my expansive knowledge of psychology and sociology, I strive to find a coaching style most suited to your individual learning preference. Once I have this information, I will help you make the most out of day-to-day situations, showing you how to achieve the results you deserve.

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