For dogs aged 2.5 years and over.

Old dogs can learn new tricks, and I will help you manage, prevent, and work with any undesirable behaviours you are experiencing.

With my experience in rescue, I gained valuable insight into the range of issues experienced by adult dogs, particularly those who had a difficult start to life. 


Rescue dogs often have specific physical and emotional requirements which need a gentler, slower pace of work to ensure they are comfortable and happy to learn. The length of a training programme will be based on your individual dog's temperament, history, and the issues you are experiencing. 

Areas you might want to work on with your adult dog could include:

  • Reactivity

  • Recall

  • Stopping pulling

  • Handling/Touch

  • Understanding Basic Cues

  • Jumping Up

  • Barking and Whining

  • Destructive Behaviour

  • Resource Guarding

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Door Dashing

  • Prey Drive

  • Leave It/Drop It

Includes a discounted Training Pack of the following items:

1 x Personalised Welcome Letter

1 x Large Pot of Mixed Training Treats
1 x Lickimat
1 x Dog Liver Paste

1 x Tug-e-Nuff Toy
1 x Clicker

1 x Copy of Doggie Language by Lilli Chin

You will also be eligible for 10% off Training Walks or a Refresher Session should you wish for a recap or to work on more advanced skills.

To discuss how I can help you achieve your specific training goals, please Contact Me or book your complimentary consultation using the link below.

Pricing starts from £50

Instalment plans available when booking a programme