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Life Skills

Tuesdays - 17:00 - Parklands Community Centre, GL52 5PR - Outdoor Class

There is something very special for a child growing up with a dog. It is exciting, can lead to an increase in confidence, and improve social skills through opening conversations with peers. I know this on a personal level, as when I was 6 we brought Sandy home. Over the following 14 years, she provided support for me through the good days and the bad days - but I didn't always know how to support her, or how to meet her needs. It wasn't long before I decided to focus my work toward helping families with getting on the right track from day one, ensuring everyone in the home feels supported and understands how to enjoy their family dog.

Does this sound familiar...

"I promise I will look after them, even clean up their poo!"

"I will walk them every day and train them myself!"

"I don't like Fluffy, she is being mean"

Have these promises been forgotten after the initial honeymoon period?
Are your children now avoiding interacting with your puppy due to biting, jumping up, or chasing?

No matter what is going on within your home, I want to reassure you that you are not alone and help is available. The Family Dog class has been made to specifically support dedicated parents just like you in creating harmony in the home whilst teaching your children how to be responsible for their new companion.

Sessions involve fun activities for children whilst the adults have a "boring chat" and practice skills, before the children step in to have a go themselves! Each class will guarantee to leave each family with new knowledge and skills to implement in and out of the home.

This class covers:

  • How dogs learn

  • Building a bond

  • Handling for grooming, vets and pets

  • Puppy challenges: biting, destructive behaviour and toilet training

  • Socialisation

  • Safe child-dog interactions

  • Boredom busters

  • Leaving and dropping items

  • Recall

  • Loose lead walking

  • Preventing resource guarding

    If you have particular concerns or areas you would like to cover additional to the above, we may be able to cover it in class. Otherwise, it can be addressed during a private session.

     Bronze Package - £120

  • 6 Week Class

    Silver Package - £180
    (saving £5)

  • 6 Week Class

  • 1 Private Session at your home or local park

  • 1 Training Pack

    Gold Package - £190
    (saving £10)

  • 6 Week Class

  • 2 Private Sessions at your home or local park

  • 1 Training Pack

    Platinum Package - £230
    (saving £15)

  • 6 Week Class

  • 2 Private Sessions at your home or local park

  • 1 Training Pack

  • 1 Kids Pack

Available to be sold separately

Training Packs: £30

Kids Packs: £25

Whilst partaking in The Family Dog class, Private Sessions can be booked at a reduced fee of £35 per session. T&Cs apply.

 All clients will receive:

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group

  • A group WhatsApp to share successes, challenges and tips

  • Follow-up notes after sessions

  • Continuous support between sessions via text, email or Whatsapp

  • Access to useful e-books and handouts 

  • A certificate, rosette, and natural edible chew on completion

  • A code for 10% off Tug-e-Nuff products

  • 1 Year of SOS calls following completion of the programme

  • 10% off future training classes and workshops


"The Family Dog" Class Training Packs include: 

  • A personalised welcome letter

  • A copy of Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy by Steve Mann (can be swapped for Doggie Language by Lili Chin, on request)

  • A Pot of Pre-Cut Training Treats

  • Three Natural, Edible Chews

  • A Clicker

  • A Tug-e-Nuff toy

  • A Lickimat 

  • A tube of Arden Grange Pâté


Kids Packs include:

  • Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome: Dog Training for Kids (6+)

  • Dog Sticker Book (included for children 5 and under)

  • Dog Activity Book

  • Colouring Crayons (24 colours)

  • Colouring Pencils (12 colours)

  • Dog Bookmark

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