Children education course

77% of dog bites occur within the home by the family's dog, or by a dog known to the family

One of the reasons I became a Kids Around Dogs Approved Trainer is because I want to spark curiosity, increase awareness, and improve child-dog interactions for the benefit of all

Aimed at children aged 4-13, this is a unique 6 week program designed especially for your children, or those participating in extra-curricular clubs. Sessions range from 20 minutes to one hour and involve opportunities to be creative whilst providing a valuable, non-judgemental space for learning.

Within this course, we cover:

  • Healthy Hounds: The Five Freedoms and Good Husbandry

  • Head to Tail Doggy Talk: How to Understand Basic Body Language

  • Yes Please! No Thank You!: When Dogs Want Pets

  • Tickle Time: Where to Stroke a Dog

  • Be a Tree: What to Do When a Dog Jumps or Nips

This is also available for primary schools as part of a critical requirement for active bite prevention awareness - something that is not spoken about enough within education settings. This is more important than ever before following the predicted behavioural issues pandemic puppies will display as adults. Rather than bring a real dog onto your premises, I have my stuffed stooge, Doug the Dalmatian, to help demonstrate how to safely approach and interact with a dog. I also provide handouts with activities for your pupils to do at home, information for parents and caregivers to recap each topic, alongside ideas for child-dog activities at home.

£15 per Child in a Household

Group Discounts Available for Schools and Clubs

Takeaways: Certificates, a Kids Around Dogs badge, handouts, and a special gift!

Available for online sessions