A specialised course for children with a fear of dogs

Having a fear of dogs can feel debilitating for a child, making trips out or walks around the park a source of anxiety rather than an opportunity for relaxing bonding time. Whether there is a clear cause behind their fear or not, I can help them overcome their worries with your help.

The Fear Around Dogs Protocol is a standardised programme offered exclusively by Kids Around Dogs Approved Trainers such as myself. This is the only such protocol available in Cheltenham.

Available for children 4+. Delivered with a thorough, yet fun and engaging approach, broken down into a minimum of 8 sessions.

The first 5 and 7th sessions are online, in order to build a strong rapport and trust with your child. These will run for 30 minutes each, consisting of brief PowerPoints and a weekly Pawesome Mission to complete. We will arrange incentives for your child, increasing in value as we progress through the weeks to ensure this is the most positive experience possible. 

Week 6 will be when we meet alongside a nominated calm dog. There will be absolutely no pressure for them to interact, but there will be an opportunity to help walk the dog if they would like.

Week 1: The Mouth

Week 2: The Ears

Week 3: The Tail

Week 4: Signs of Worry in Dogs

Week 5: Storytime and Body Language

Week 6: First Meet with Dog

Week 7: Subtle Signals and Recap Game

Week 8: Second Meet with Dog


+ a follow-up video call one month after completion of the program.

Session length is dependant on intensity of your children's fear and will be discussed
your free consultation.

Takeaways: Certificate, a Kids Around Dogs badge, a special gift, handouts, and one check-up call/meeting approximately one month after the last session

Please join the Kids Around Dogs Facebook Group for more information and resources on this topic here