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Loose Lead Legends

10:45am Saturdays
Parklands Community Centre, GL52 5PR - Outdoor Class

By joining this 3 Week class, you will be developing your lead handling skills with a group of others also striving to make their walks more enjoyable.


It is a supportive space where learning occurs on both ends of the leash, with exercises customisable to suit you and your dog's abilities. With this set-up, we can look at common behaviours - such as pulling to say hi to other dogs - in a controlled environment to set all dogs up for success.

Week 3 will involve going to Pittville Park to allow the class to practice learning in the real world.

Includes access to an exclusive Facebook group and monthly social meets.


This Class Covers..

  • Why dogs pull on walks

  • Focus and engagement around distraction

  • Managing expectations

  • Heel positioning

  • Emergency stops

  • Emergency U-turns

  • Applying skills in the real world

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What's Included?

  • 3 week class

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group

  • A group WhatsApp to share successes, challenges & tips

  • Follow-up notes after sessions

  • Continuous support between sessions via text, email or Whatsapp

  • Access to useful e-books and handouts 

  • A Graduation Pack

  • A code for 10% off Tug-e-Nuff products

  • 1 Year of SOS calls

  • 10% off future classes and workshops

  • A reduced rate for Private Sessions during class (£35)



3 week class



3 week class

1 x 1 hour Private Session



3 week class

1 x 1 hour Private Session

1 x Training Pack


(saving £15)


3 week class

1 x 1 hour Private Session

1 x Training Pack

1 x Flirt Pole


(saving £20)

Training Pack.jpg

Training Packs

  • Reusable paw print bag 

  • A personalised welcome letter

  • Doggie Language by Lili Chin

  • A Pot of Pre-Cut Training Treats

  • Three Natural, Edible Chews

  • A Clicker

  • A Tug-e-Nuff toy

  • A Lickimat Soother

  • A tube of Arden Grange Liver Paste

Kids Packs

  • Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome: Dog Training for Kids 

  • Dog Sticker Book

  • Dog Activity Book

  • Colouring Crayons (24 colours)