For puppies and dogs aged 6 - 24 months

Have you been to puppy classes, but now find a relapse in basic training?

Is your puppy not listening to you as much as they used to?

Are there new behaviours you are struggling with, such as barking?


Welcome to the Adolescent Stage of Development!


Here, we will work on any current issues you have with specific behaviours, and build on essential life skills. This can include:

  • Rocket Recall

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Jumping Up

  • Meeting, Greeting and Playing with Other Dogs

  • The Big Scary World (Understanding the Fluid Fear Phases)

  • Chew This, Not That

  • Barking: Ultimate Frustration or Ultimate Communication?

  • "They are so stubborn! They know this!" - How to avoid hitting a roadblock in training

  • The Joy of Sniffaris

  • Trick Training

  • Impulse Control

  • The Gift of a Growl: Resource Guarding

Includes a discounted Training Pack of the following items:

1 x Personalised Welcome Letter

1 x Medium Pot of Mixed Pre-Cut Training Treats 
1 x Lickimat
1 x Dog Pâté

3 x Natural Edible Chews
1 x Tug'e'Nuff Chaser Toy

1 x Clicker

1 x Copy of Doggie Language by Lilli Chin

To discuss how I can help you achieve your specific training goals, please Contact Me or book your complimentary consultation using the link below.

Pricing starts from £160 for 4 sessions

Instalment plans available on request