For anyone looking to get a puppy, or who is waiting to bring one home

What is one thing every dog trainer wishes new puppy owners did? 

Get in touch before the puppy arrives!

By investing in this package, I will help you prevent problem behaviours before they happen. Many common issues experienced by dog owners are, in truth, completely natural behaviours expressed in undesirable ways. By understanding your new arrival's natural drive and basic body language, you can be in the very best position to prevent issues later in their life, saving you stress and hundreds of pounds on behaviour modification for an adult dog.

Every household is unique, with requirements varying home to home. Whilst there are some topics which every new puppy owner needs to know, there may be areas traditional puppies classes would not cover, such as introducing a puppy to resident animals, or how to prepare your space in a household with young children. It is a pleasure to create bespoke packages tailored to suit the individual needs of each client and their puppy. 

          Pre-Puppy Sessions may include the following topics:

This will be covered in up to 3 sessions and includes the 8 Session Puppy Starter Course, with the first session to be redeemed within 2 weeks of your puppy arriving home.

Includes a Training Pack of the following items:

1 x Medium Pot of Mixed Training Treats
1 x Lickimat
1 x Dog Pâté

1 x Tug-e-Nuff Toy
1 x Clicker

1 x Copy of Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy by Steve Mann

To discuss how I can help you achieve your future arrival's training goals, please Contact Me or book your complimentary consultation using the link below.

  • Setting Up Your Space

  • Introduction to Resident Animals

  • Children and Puppies

  • The First Night

  • The First Week

  • Toys, Treats, Diet

  • Harnesses, Collars and ID Tags

  • Consent to Touch

  • Making the Most Out of Mealtimes

  • Grooming and Introduction to Bathing

  • Play as a Reward