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Kind words shared by clients over the years


We are just finishing the Puppy Starter Course with Natasha and she has been absolutely brilliant. She was recommend by a friend and Teddy has come such a long way since our initial sessions. Before Natasha, we were going to puppy classes but found Teddy got distracted and just wanted to play with the other dogs so found the 121 sessions in the park with Natasha brilliant.


We practiced road walking, recall and she even came into the garden for a session with my family. The sessions were varied and teddy would focus and learn but also have regular breaks where he can play with other dogs which was interesting to see how he engages with them. This allowed the full focus to be on Teddy the whole time, rather than the whole class like it was in the group sessions. She is very passionate about the psychology and behaviour and is clearly always growing her knowledge base. She has always been very conscientious when larger dogs are approaching or such like.

We have found the approach to be extremely beneficial and love the positive and friendly attitude to everything. Teddy absolute loves our sessions and we have learned so much about him and the psychology including how to deal with the non desirable actions such as biting and being proactive in avoiding anything undesirable occurring in the first place.

She has offered advice on everything I’ve wanted to know, from harnesses, food, grooming, toys, basic commands, recall etc. She often brings lots of yummy treats and engages teddy from the start of the session but always makes it super fun whilst he’s learning. She has sent me many graphics with theories on, YouTube videos, videos she has taken herself, training techniques, links to products and fb groups she is a part of which have all been helpful.

I have passed on Natasha’s details so many local puppy owners and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a positive and fun training approach to their dog.

- Sophie and Teddy

Rhea my nearly six month old Border Collie and I have benefited hugely from Natasha's wonderful approach to dog training. We have had six sessions and I feel that I have learnt a huge amount in to how to adapt my behaviour to allow Rhea to be herself but become trained to be sociable and acceptable to others.


A joy to work with, Rhea adores Natasha and has come on leaps and bounds. Recall, walking with out pulling (most of the time), sit, stay, fetch and drop are some of the useful tools in our repertoire. As with everything we will continue to learn and grow.


Thank you so much Dogable Dog Training. I have no hesitation in recommending you to fellow dog lovers and owners. THANK YOU

- Caroline and Rhea


Natasha was OUTSTANDING! we had a very difficult black lab who was incredibly jumpy and just liked to mouth everything and everyone. (all with a good heart). I just wanted a nice well trained dog who I could take anywhere without worrying. So we were recommended Natasha and thank the world we did.

Natasha taught us so so much in our 6 session. Her knowledge of dog behaviour and training techniques were amazing. It helped us have a better structure for our lab. Her after care was outstanding and me and my partner still rave about how great its been for us.

I think anyone that knew my dog before used to be quite scared of how jumpy and unpredictable he was and now they even comment on how well behaved he is. He is just so much more attentive and respects his position in the family (because at one point he thought he was king). I honestly thought nothing would work before we decided to get some help.

We can't thank Natasha enough for helping us. I cant wait to see her business grow and will be recommending anyone and everyone to her!

Thanks again

- Tanya, Tom and Bilbo


We bumped into Natasha while walking our Dalmatian puppy, Zyla, around the park. We swapped numbers and shortly after we met up for our first out of 8 puppy training session.

Natasha was great at finding out what we wanted to work on with Zyla as well as suggesting potential common problems that can arise. Our Dalmatian loved joining Natasha for our training sessions, she always had so much fun and made quick progress during the sessions. Natasha was great at keeping in touch between sessions to check up on our progress and gave great support when the training learning didn’t seem to continue at home. We learnt that some things take time, consistency and perseverance for our pups to learn the behaviours we want from them.

Natasha also gave great advice for how my young children could safely interact, play and lead walk our very excitable Dalmatian.

We have had many comments from other people about how well behaved Zyla is and Natasha’s training has played a huge part in helping us achieve this. Thank you so much Natasha!

- Christine and Zyla


I was so thankful when I found Natasha, she is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and is always at the end of the phone with prompt, fantastic easy to follow advice and ideas that deliver fast positive results that have developed and tightened the bond between myself, the children and Luna.

Natasha truly understands dog breeds, behaviours, body language and how they communicate and we can communicate positively and ethically with Luna . She was super confident, kind and very patient not only with Luna but with all of us.

Natasha has a lovely way with both dogs and people, her passion really comes through in that she genuinely wants to help and goes above and beyond as a supportive trainer, not only with always being at the end of the phone to help, but treats, toys and treats for Luna and ad hoc proactive advice, such as ways to avoid heat exhaustion and enrichment for high drive when wallows are not an option.

Before I met Natasha 3 dog trainers told me they wouldn’t work with my puppy because she’s a Belgium Malinois, but Natasha was not fazed at all right from the off she was positive, confident and reassured me that everything would be fine and talked me through proven scientific research on dogs temperaments, behaviours, traits etc, she put my mind at ease and that was in our first conversation.

Over the weeks we have trained with her Luna has come in leaps and bounds she picked things up incredibly fast and has thoroughly enjoyed it, as we all have. Natasha has given me confidence, ideas and tools to enable Luna to have a fulfilling, enriching and fun life.

This lady is amazing, her knowledge, delivery and implementation is nothing short of super, and her on going support is outstanding.

- Mandy and Luna

We’ve just completed our family puppy training with Natasha and she has been amazing.

She’s given us the tools to work closely with our 5 month old pup Margot and we now feel confident in all aspects of puppy life, thanks to Natasha and her amazing knowledge.


Nothing is too much trouble and Natasha is incredible at reassuring and puts your mind at ease, with even the silliest of questions.


My children have enjoyed learning from her too and have thrived on being part of the training (well most of the time, we have a 4 year old who also needs training!)


For anyone looking for an informative and fun puppy trainer/ course, I would highly recommend Dogable Dog Training.


Thank you once again Natasha

- The Warner family and Margot


Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and always happy to answer any questions we have. Would thoroughly recommend training with Natasha.

- The Torkington family and Albert


With Natasha's help our miniature poodle has made huge progress with her confidence on walks and loose lead walking. Natasha clearly knows her stuff and gave us plenty of tailored advice and guidance for the specific areas we wanted to cover. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks!!

- Corey, Miles and Hecate


Natasha is really good at what she does. She gave us really good help and advice being 1st time parents to our lovely Rocky.


Thanks to her, he's becoming even better than before and we are extremely happy with all the work we've done with her and how well our boy has done with all the work we've put in.


I would recommend Natasha to anyone in need of dog training.

- Jen, Rich and Rocky


Natasha has done a great job with our puppy wire fox terrier, Dora. We came away from each session with both owner and pup having learned something new! After only 6 lessons we were able to let Dora off the lead (which after researching the breed was something we’d thought we would never be able to do) and she’s been great ever since. Natasha also eased our nervousness around other dogs and provided us with the knowledge on what good interactions look like.

Natasha was very flexible with her lesson planning and would book in complementary zoom calls if meet-ups weren’t possible due to the weather and would always be on-hand for any questions throughout the week. The summary and resources she provided after each lesson was a valuable bonus.

Would highly recommend!

- Rachel, Chris and Dora


I cannot recommend Natasha highly enough. We contacted her a week after picking up our puppy and now, three months later, we have a happy, sociable, well behaved dog. This is all thanks to Natasha. Her advice is second to none and she’s always at the other end of the phone if needed. We were amazed by how quickly we saw results in our training sessions and will continue to call on her in the future whenever new ‘issues’


If you have a puppy then don’t hesitate to give her a call. She’s professional, flexible, knowledgeable and patient. Thank you for all of your help Natasha!

- Amy, Matt and Nelly

obi 1.jpg

Such an amazing trainer! Super friendly and very knowledgable. Obi was going through terrible teens and forgot all his recall. With a few sessions we found him to have improved massively but still with lots of work to do.


Given the new tools, we continued and now he is such a great on and off lead walker. We have the confidence to know what to do but more importantly to allow him the time to judge his own surroundings rather than us jumping to worry!


Thanks so much! Obi sends licks and kisses x

- Victoria, Alex and Obi


Really friendly and helpful advice which we continue to implement. Heidi is much quieter and obedient and it is a pleasure to walk her every day and have her respond to us positively. Natasha comes across as being very knowledgeable about dog behaviour and provided useful information to remind us of what was covered in the lessons.


We would recommend Natasha 100%. If you do your homework between lessons you’ll be rewarded.

- Val, Dave and Heidi


We had so much fun with Dogable Dog Training! there are so many little extras provided by Natasha, the welcome pack was fab, she even sourced different snacks for Penny as she couldn't have the ones originally included.


She is genuinely lovely, so easy to talk to and to ask questions, she's very knowledgeable and ready to help. What we loved the most was that it is a class for the whole family and she really included our children and helped them learn how to be with a new puppy.


A truly fantastic class and we have such a better understanding of what Penny needs and how to help guide her through puppyhood ❤️

- The Warner Family and Penny


Natasha is a fantastic trainer that really gave me as a 1st time fur mummy lots of confidence. She was always available to answer questions in between training sessions and provided me with invaluable support.

Natasha has been really flexible - changing sessions at short notice when I’ve been ill and has always been available in between sessions to answer any questions and concerns, and tailoring the training to our specific situation.

Selwyn has come on leaps and bounds with his training and I look forward to building on what we have learnt so far. Selwyn and I are so much more confident with each other now.

Before starting I was initially dubious as to how well zoom training would work but it worked really well, and I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone.

- Chidi and Selwyn


Couldn’t recommend Natasha enough! As first time dog owners, Natasha immediately settled our nerves and gave us the confidence to train our dog in a positive and effective way. Not to mention our dog Maple is completely besotted with her and absolutely loved our training sessions at the park.


The tools she taught us were invaluable and have been instrumental in how our 7 month old puppy now behaves.

- Nikki, Dan and Maple


Not only has Natasha provided me with the tools to train my puppy to be an incredibly obedient and happy little pup, she taught me more about the psychology of why my puppy acts the way she does, which has been unbelievably helpful - couldn’t recommend Natasha enough!!

- Georgina, James and Maggie


I'd highly recommend Natasha's training. She was extremely positive throughout and taught Buddy and myself a lot.

She explained things really well, so I now not only feel more confident in knowing what to do, but why I should do it.

She was very helpful with extra resources, tips and advice and even arranged a video call when the weather was really hot to check on Buddy and give me a few tips on how to amuse and look after him in the heat.

- Ben and Buddy

Natasha is very knowledgeable on all aspects of dog training and so keen to share that with us, sending us extra easy to read guides/handy tips and even an extra zoom call to check in on how we were progressing with the training. Nothing was too much bother for her and always willing to help and flexible in her approach.


Since having Natasha involved with our pup, our confidence has grown tremendously to have him off lead and his recall has improved, making walks in the park less stressful. Training was fun and our pup loved Natasha and was always excited to see her. His on lead walking has also improved beyond expectation with the extendable lead now thrown away.


Natasha was forever patient, professional and supportive and always had the dog’s best interest as her main focus. I would definitely recommend Natasha to any new dog parents!

- The Langford Family and Benji


The sessions my puppy and I had with Natasha were extremely useful giving us the guide lines to continue the training beyond the course to continue my puppy’s development.


The sessions were enjoyable and valuable for us both. The extra reading material and advice on reading signals from your dog will be helpful as he grows up.

I highly recommend Natasha.

- Amanda and Ted

Natasha is a great trainer with all the knowledge to help you train and bond with your dog as well as to understand their behaviour. She was always extremely flexible to help us fit sessions in around busy work schedules and is always there to answer questions outside of sessions. Can't recommend enough.

- Will, Katie and Charlie


We found Natasha very helpful. Both of us and our dog really enjoyed the sessions and found the advice very useful and supportive. We feel that we have all benefited from our time with Natasha and look forward to putting what we have learned into practice.


We would recommend Natasha and Dogable to anyone needing help or advice with their 🐕 dog.

- Rose, Phil and Damson


Natasha has been amazing! She has really helped with my dog’s confidence and we have learned all new tricks!


She always sends helpful useful resources to look back on what I mentioned in each session and goes above and beyond to support your dog’s specific needs.


Highly recommend. Thank you Natasha for your continued support! x

- Meg and Dougie

We had previously tried other Cheltenham based providers for puppy training classes and were disappointed, but with Natasha's inciteful 1:1 training we feel we struck gold. We understand Otis so much better now and your continued support has been really valued.


I have no hesitation in recommending Dogable DT to anyone who like us wants the best for their new family addition.

- The Hale Family and Otis

Natasha provides practical training steps that even my strong willed Staffy picks up. The fun training tasks really helped keep my dogs attention and so made the learning experience fun for me and my dog.


Highly recommend Natasha and her training approach.

- Neil and Bruce


It has been an amazing experience learning from Natasha, she has helped us guide Lucie Lou to being such a perfect puppy! The day she taught Lucie to ‘Touch’ our hand was so exciting and she has developed into a kind, obedient and beautiful dog. 


Natasha explained the importance of nutrition and showed us the most natural treats and chews that helped us keep Lucie from destroying the house! Lucie Lou is also really well potty trained and was asking to go outside consistently despite not having a garden since six months old!


Lucie is nine months old now and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog trainer ❤️

- Dana, Oli and Lucie

Natasha is a great person with such a huge knowledge about dogs! She was always happy to help and very flexible with hours. Our dalmatian dog Lucky loves her so much! Very professional service, all tips and advice which she gave us helped for us to understand our dog!


Highly recommended!

- Milena and Lucky


Natasha is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The puppy starter pack and all the information, phone calls, advice and support has been 5 star - would highly recommend.

Natasha really makes you feel like you are in safe hands and your puppy will be well looked after. 


Thank you

- Grace, Elliot and Peggy


Having spent time trying to get our dog to come back when called, a chance meeting in the park with Natasha, led to us booking our 10 year lab on the Rapid Recall workshop.


We thought he might be too old to learn new tricks but Natasha assured us this would not be the case. Banksy loved his training and we’ve definitely seen an improvement. The training sessions were backed up with useful notes and reminders for us to practice at home.


Natasha clearly loves what she does and we would definitely recommend her services.

- Derek, Carol and Banksy


I am so glad I contacted Natasha to help me with my reactive rescue dog Sergei. She has been brilliant at showing and teaching us all skills to help Sergei and hugely improving our confidence when out on walks. Sergei has loved the training and is now a much more relaxed and responsive dog.


I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone and her communication with us has been excellent.

- The Mackman family and Sergei


We are thrilled with the lessons that we had with Natasha. She has transformed our Springer Spaniel who we got as a rescue at 8/9 months old and who was reactive around dogs and generally nervous of new experiences. He has really grown in confidence and is now so much better.


The lessons were really interesting and all of the information which Natasha sent outside of the lessons was helpful to understand and recognise the behaviours that our dog, and others, exhibited. Natasha has given us lots of tools which will be using to continue Merlot's development.


Thank you Natasha!

- Flora, Jamie and Merlot

After a chance meeting with Natasha at Hatherley Park where Maya was being rather mischievous, we signed up for Rapid Recall! What a great few weeks learning new techniques and building the confidence to let her off the lead (and for her to come back!)

We are relieved, confident and utterly delighted.


Thank you very much Natasha. 

- Kat, Robert and Maya

Natasha is absolutely fantastic and knows her stuff.

I have a 4 month old puppy, who due to the training we have done with Dogable, consistently gets compliments of how well socialised, behaved and trained he is.

Dogable Dog Training has helped Oscar (dog) and I build a fantastic bond using positive reinforcement and games that are not only fun for him, but me also. I could not recommend Natasha and Dogable Dog Training enough!

- Joe and Oscar

We have just finished the Rapid Recall course and I cannot recommend it enough! Natasha is so knowledgeable, calm and patient and really helpful! Not only did we learn a lot from the course but both myself and Freddie (7 months) enjoyed it thoroughly with the games in the sessions to support recall. Freddie’s recall has improved so much in just 4 weeks and is even able to be off lead with distractions around him.

From the moment I enquired Natasha ensured we had a consultation over zoom to discuss Freddie and what I would like to work on.

Thank you so much Natasha; we can’t wait to do more classes in the future!

- Poppy and Freddie


Absolutely amazing experience for us and for our lovely dog Luna.

Natasha is the most amazing trainer, our dog has become so confident since our first session, and has become so much more relaxed when she was originally a nervous wreck and scared of her own shadow.

Natasha also helped us crack the hardest nut which was getting Luna to focus outside of the house and also to be interested in treats outside of the house which was the start of being able to train and bond outside.

We can’t recommend Natasha highly enough!!!

- Dan, Getta and Luna

Fabulous course of puppy classes, perfect for families. My son and I learnt so much, as did our puppy Willow. Natasha is a real dog expert and brilliant with children too. What I like best is how she responds to the needs of her doggy and human clients, providing lots of information and support.


Thanks Natasha, we're looking forward to the next level.

- Hazel and WIllow


Natasha has been great helping us with our very lively 12 month old rescue during his settling in period with us.


He's taken to most of the techniques from the Amazing Adolescents class really well, it has improved our bond and my 8 year old son came to the classes and got a lot out of them as well. I had also had a great 1-1 session with Natasha focusing on our pup's dog reactivity and focus.


I'd recommend Natasha's classes and sessions to anyone wanting to train their dog in Chelt.

- John and Bodie

We hired Natasha because our dog, Gino, kept pinching food. The work we did with Natasha proved to be very successful and Gino is now behaving sensibly. I'm still working on the continual jumping up, but we're getting there from the good instructions provided.

Thank you Natasha

- Nicola and Gino

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