Jasmine at Cotswold Wildlife Park


I am proud to be a member of the following internationally recognised organisations:

  • Certified Dog Trainer by Dog Training College

  • Canine Training Professional with Pet Professional Guild British Isles - Member Number: 57377470

  • Kids Around Dogs Approved Trainer

  • Recommended Pet Professional of Pet Professional Network

  • Friends Member of INTODogs

  • Skill Hub Member of Canine Principles

  • Student Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)

  • Student Member of the International Society of Anthrozoology (ISAZ)

    I am also an admin of the free Facebook Group "Puppy Training, Help & Advice UK"I encourage anyone with puppies to join this supportive, informative space.

    Awarded Best Emerging Dog Training Business 2022 - South West England

I am DBS Clear and fully-insured.

I participate in Continued Professional Development (CPD) in order to advance my skillset and consistently keep up-to-date with modern, scientific understanding of dogs. These include: 

  • Dog Trainer Certification Program 2021 - Dog Training College

  • Distinction in Pet First Aid & CPR – International Open Academy 

  • Distinction in Canine Anxiety Certificate - Canine Principles

  • Distinction in Dog Behaviour and Psychology - International Open Academy

  • Puppy Training Specialist - Dog Training College

  • Canine Body Language Specialist - Dog Training College

  • Canine Body Language Instructor - Dog Training College

  • International Dog Behaviour Annual Conference 2021 – Victoria Stilwell Academy 

  • International Dog Behaviour Annual Conference 2020 – Victoria Stilwell Academy 

  • Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) Annual Conference 2020 

  • International Society of Anthrozoology (ISAZ) Annual Conference 2021

  • International Society of Anthrozoology (ISAZ) Annual Conference 2020 

  • The International Dog Trainers Winter Summit 2020

  • The International Dog Trainers Summer Summit 2021

  • 'Mission Control: Training the High Drive Dog' - Jane Arden 

  • 'Behaviour in Practice' – Dr. Jessica Hekman 

  • 'The Biology of Socialisation' - Dr. Jessica Hekman 

  • Effective Communication for Dog Professionals – Debbie Connolly, Dog Training College 

  • Loose Lead Walking – Sally Gutteridge, Canine Principles 

  • A Dog Rescuer's Guide - Sally Gutteridge, Canine Principles 

  • Wolf Awareness – Simone Mueller, Canine Principles 

  • Canine Bonding and Play – Sally Gutteridge, Canine Principles 

  • Canine Resource Guarding -  Anna Jane Brehaut, Canine Principles

  • Canine Enrichment - Shay Kelly, Canine Principles

  • Canine Fear Course - Sally Gutteridge, Canine Principles

  • Canine Calmness -  Emma Goulding-Bosworth, Canine Principles

  • Solving Separation Related Problems – Emma Judson, Canine Principles 

  • Canine Communication – Sally Gutteridge, Canine Principles

  • New Puppy Consultation -  Emma Goulding-Bosworth, Canine Principles

  • Positive Dog Training for Ethical Owners Course - Canine Principles

  • Clicker Foundations -  Sally Gutteridge, Canine Principles

  • Understanding Puppy Development - Dog Training College

  • Puppy Relationship Building  - Dog Training College

  • Understanding Puppy Socialisation - Dog Training College

  • Getting to Grips with Toilet Training Puppies - Dog Training College  

  • Puppy Health and Wellness - Dog Training College   

  • Understanding Puppy Biting and Chewing - Dog Training College

  • Dispelling the Myths of Dog Training  - Toni Shelbourne, Dog Training College

  • Introduction to Clicker Training - Dog Training College

  • Adolescence in Dogs: From Brains to Behaviour - Dr. Naomi Harvey, Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors 

  • Stop Dogs Pulling - The Tellington TTouch Way - Dog Training College

  • P3 Drax, Living with a Traumatised Rescue Dog: Maintaining Trust and Making Progress - Natalie Light, Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

  • Memory Matters - Dr. Amber Baston, Dog Training College

  • Calmness Rocks Workshop - Alex Wilson, Dog Training College